Our Mission

PCT Consulting Solutions, we want to provide top-notch experience to our clients while assisting in the creation of a winning professional resume, interview preparation, and career document package that assists in securing employment.

Pamela Thompson

CEO & Founder
PCT Consulting Solutions
Pamela Thompson has over 14 years’ professional experience—on both the seeking and hiring sides—in sectors such as sales and marketing, international homeland security, engineering, legal, and oil and gas. Over the years, she’s combined her learning experiences from Corporate America with her undeniable passion for helping others succeed to push herself to become an expert resume writer and career coach.

Pamela J. Thompson decided to start PCT Consulting Solutions, a company that prides itself on helping professionals and students overcome the evolving challenges of career development and goal setting in a sustained way. PCT Consulting Solutions is all about self-empowerment and truly learning the skills to take charge of your career path.

At PCT Consulting Solutions, we believe that everyone is coachable. Whether your resume isn’t getting the results you desire, struggling with getting out of your shell during interviews, or perhaps you don’t know where to start your next job search,

PCT Consulting Solutions is here to help.

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